Getting to Know About Piqua Shawnee Tribe


Learning about culture is an interesting thing. It allows you to appreciate things happening in your community. It also aids in ensuring that you understand and appreciate others and what they do. The knowledge is paramount in concluding some issues as well as borrowing issues that relate to different cultures. Among one of the things that create a difference is a lifestyle. For instance, some are known in doing farming, fishing, and other nomadic as their main economic activity. For instance, Piqua Shawnee Tribe is one of the tribes in the world.

Tennessee region is where the Shawnee tribe originated. From around Cumberland River, they migrated to other areas of America. Besides Tennessee, their territories were Ohio, Kansas, South California and Texas among others. The tribe adopted different lifestyles which suited the climate, natural resources, and geography of the region they settled. They were nomads where did farming and hunting. Due to the nomadic life, they interacted with different cultures more so with the native Indians. The tribe is known for adopting the Algonquian language. The information about their facts and fun seems interesting, especially to other cultures. Here’s a good read about piqua shawnee tribe,  check it out!

One of the questions that might come up is about their food. Those who settled on the great pains predominantly adopted buffalo as their food. They also consumed wild turkey, bear and hunted deer. The woodland Shawnees were taking fish, squirrels, deer, raccoon, bear, and beaver to mention but a few. Pumpkin, squash, beans, and maize were available as well. Those who went to southeast considered animal meat as their food. The animals they ate includes wild hogs, turkeys, eagles, rabbits, opossums, deer, and raccoons. They also did farming for maize, pumpkins, nuts, beans and dried fruits. The tribe used bows and arrows as their weapons. They also used other tools like spears, lances, hatches axes and knives. They adopted rifles from the white settlers as well.

The climate was a determinant of their clothing. Breech cloths were considered for warm climates while shirts and leggings or fringed tunics were considered for cold climates. They also adopted other types of clothes from the white settlers and others which were available through trade. They had a popular form of covering their heads with a turban. Just like any other community they had leaders as well. Some of them include chief Cornstalk, Tecumseh, and chief Blue Jacket. The leaders ruled at different times.


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