Learn About the Piqua Shawnee Tribe


The Shawnee tribe is an indigenous ethnic group of people who speak the language of Algonquian. They are a group of individuals who live in North America. They migrated to America during the colonial times where they settled in Ohio valley before inhabiting other parts of North America. Other areas where the Shawnee tribe inhabited are the Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. There are various Shawnee portraits on our website where you will be able to download or view the images from all over across the world. Learn more about piqua shawnee,  go here.

The population of the enrolled Shawnee people is seven thousand, five hundred and eighty individuals. However, there are close to fourteen thousand Shawnee people who are self-identified. The place with a significant population of Shawnee people is in Oklahoma. The Shawnee people speak the language of Shawnee or English. However, they are not only limited to only these two languages since they can also learn other languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, German or any other languages of the world. The related ethnic group to the Shawnee is the Menominee who lives in Miami and other close areas. They migrated to Oklahoma in the 1830s where they settled in the west of River Mississippi. Find out for further details on piqua shawnee   right here.

Before the European came to Oklahoma, the Shawnee tribe had a patrilineal system of governance. The government was mainly ruled by the king whose inheritance went through a paternal line. There are five divisions of the tribe which are listed on this site. In 2002 the Shawnee language was spoken by about two hundred people, but due to their recognition in the past few years, the language has gained popularity. There are more than ten thousand Shawnee people in Oklahoma. They are divided into absentee speakers and loyal speakers of which there are several speakers inhabiting different regions of North America.

The Shawnee tribe language is written in the Latin script. There are various dictionaries which will help the learners in understanding more on multiple words and phrases used in Shawnee language. It is essential for native speakers and also the rest of the world who might be interested in learning the language. There are also portions of the Bible that are translated to Shawnee. It helps the native speakers to be able to understand various scripts of the bible. Therefore they will feel not abandoned as they will also have the freedom to seek religious guidance. For more information regarding this indigenous tribe of North America, click here.


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